Prepare your skin to glow on Eid

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Hi everyone,

Eid is almost there. Today is the 26th fast of Ramadan. Now you have to ready yourself for Eid. I’m sure you have completed your shopping for that day. Clothes for yourself, hubby’s and kids, shoes, accessories all food stuff purchasing must be complete by now. But what about your skin? Is your skin prepared for that special day? You have just 3-4 days to get your skin ready to glow. If you haven’t done much with your skin care, these are some tips to sparkle on Eid day.eidFirst step- Cleanse and nourish your skin

Day routine

If you have been so busy and were not following your daily skincare routine properly, you should prepare at least now. Clean your face twice a day with a mild natural cleanser that suits your skin. After cleansing apply a nourishing cream that could absorb thoroughly into the skin. You should select a nourishing cream according to your skin. A cream that contains the ingredients like almond, grape seed oil, vitamin E in it. It also balances the sebum production, useful to prevent dirt and hydrates your skin. Apply the cream by massaging gently onto your face and neck.

Woman applying moisturizer cream on face. Close-up fresh woman face.Night regime

Night regime is very important for your skin. After cleaning and toning, apply a skin serum and wait a few minutes and then apply a good eye cream around your eye area very softly. Now take a good night cream that contains vitamin E, avocado oil, almond oil etc and apply all over your face and neck. Now you are prepared to go for taking a good sleep. If you have a sleeping mask, you should apply this as an alternative of night cream sometimes.

Second step- Take lots of fruits and juices in your diet

Beautiful girl holding a red apple isolated on white background

You can’t eat and drink during the day but take care of your diet during Iftar, dinner and Sehri. Include lot of fresh fruits like papaya, water melon, apple, banana pomegranates. Take some dry fruits, like dates, almonds and walnuts too. Give up fried snacks, coffee and tea for a few days. Try to take apple juice, Kiwi juice and orange juice. It’s very good for your skin.To give your skin a healthy glow take some supplements like fish oil supplement. It’ll give you a sparkly and healthy shine after a few days.

Third step- Do some yoga aasan


During fasts if you can not work out, do not worry about it. Do some yoga aasans, it’ll be very helpful for your body and skin. Choose some easy aasan that you can do easily. It helps you to prevent blemishes, wrinkle, and acne. But make sure you have to drink a lot of purified water to get rid of the dehydration. You can do yoga any time during your fast.

Fourth step- Take a good facial according to your skin


You have just a few days to take care your skin so you should go to a skin care specialist and take good facial that is according to your skin nature. You can do it at home if you are not able to get some time for it.
How to do your facial at home

You can do your facial yourself. For it you need a good facial kit according to your skin.

1- Cleanse your skin

At first apply the cleanser all over your face and neck and cleans it properly by wet cotton wool.

2- Exfoliate your skin

Apply the facial scrub on your face and neck and massage your skin by circular motion lightly for 5 minutes. Avoid the eye area. Wipe out the scrub with a wet soft cotton facial cloth.

3- Massage your skin

Now the turn of massaging your skin. Take a generous amount of the massaging cream, apply all over the face and neck. Spray some rose water on it and start massaging by circular motions softly. Keep your hands soft like feather. You have to massage for 15-20 minutes. Now wipe out the cream by  moist cotton wool.

4- Apply Face pack

Apply face pack with a face pack brush lightly. The mask should be applied all over your face and neck evenly. Leave the eye area. Take two slice of fresh cucumber and keep them on eyes and press gently. Leave the mask for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, spray rose water to wet the mask and remove it by a gentle massage for 1 minute. Wash your face with fresh water.


5- Moisturize your skin

After removing face pack, apply your regular moisturizer properly. Now you are done.

These are the tips that you can follow in this short period you have. These tips can give you a wonderful and clear difference on Eid that anyone will not ignore easily. So do it yourself and ready to sparkle on that special day.


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