How to Cure Acne Naturally!

Acne not only annoys and pains but also leaves an ugly scar behind if not treated with care. Girls run for anti-acne creams and lotions that are not only costly but also give some side effects on the skin. If you suffer from acne, you should take a look in your kitchen garden. I’m sure you must be having some mint plants there. Mint is a wonderful herb. It’s not only amazing for our health but also for our skin. It cures skin problems and infections. It’s really effective on acne.


Whenever I suffer from pimples and acne, I use this herb. Trust me, It works magically on them and instantly heals.

How to use

1-Take some fresh mint leaves and cleans properly with fresh water. Make sure you have cleaned all dirt and dust from the leaves.

2- Put all the mint leaves in the blender and just blend it.

3-Take out the mint paste in a bowl with a spoon.

4- Now cleans your face with fresh water or mild face wash and dab out with a soft towel.

5- Now apply the mint paste wherever you have acne.

6- Leave it on the acne scars about for 20 minutes until it completely dries.

How to cure acne naturally, Uses of mint, Skincare, What she spotted

7- Rinse it off with fresh water first then sprays some icy water on it.

8- Dry off with soft and clean towel gently.

9- Don’t apply any lotion or moisturizer on that area, just leave it clean.

10- Do this once a day daily, you’ll notice that your acne disappear in about 1-2 week.

So if you are suffering from acne, you should not worry. Try this simple treatment. Believe me, you’ll get a wonderful result without any harm. It does magic to lighten your Acne scars very  naturally. Mint has some antioxidant properties that are very beneficial skin infection and allergies too.  It should be included in our daily diet


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