How to look stylish in flats- Celebrity Inspirations

In summer we all prefer light and comfortable things. Light color outfit, light makeup and light and delicate accessories. As far as footwear is concerned, it is even more important. Most of us go out for a vacation these days so it’s important to have some comfy footwear. Flats are the best option for these days. Some women think that they’ll not look as stylish as in heels, but it’s not true at all. Wearing flats is not only comfortable but also gives us a stylish look.Ditch the heels, and grab comfortable, stylish flats. You can get some idea by seeing how film actresses from hollywood to bollywood look stunning and elegant and have nailed their casual as well as professional looks in flats.

Angelina Jolie in flats  dp sonakshibella throne Katrina-Kaifsk


keira knightley

So, what do you think of their casual and trendy looks in a variety of flats like ballerinas, T-bar flats etc?



      • You got a great blog, I look forward to exploring it in the coming days.

        I would love to wear cute heels but for obvious reasons I don’t. But like you said flats can be just as professional or casual as you want. And there’s no doubt they are cute and comfy.

        Hope you are having a great day.


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