6 ways to get glowing and fair skin in summer!

Today I want to share some home remedies for fair and glowing skin that can really work for you without harming your skin at all.

Don’t get duped by the fake claims of whitening and fairness creams.

Many brands claim to give you an instant whitening with their fairness cream. But actually it’s not possible. Some creams and lotions can give you a glow by fading spots of your skin but never can change your skin’s natural tone. Some creams and lotions can damage your skin and causes of skin diseases. If you want bright and glowing skin without any harm, here are some simple and useful tips that can actually work if you use them patiently. Don’t get impatient, because the result may not be quick enough, but you can get satisfactory results by using them continuously!

Get fair and bright skin at home

6 way to get glowing and fair skin in this season.

1 – Avoid the sun, this is the main cause which darkens your skin color. Save your skin from sun and heat. Use umbrella, sunglasses, scarf and a good sunscreen. Apply your sunscreen even at home.

2- Drink 8 to 12 glass of water. Besides water, drink fresh juice of fresh fruits and vegetables.

3- Don’t forget to workout daily. When your skin sweats, the waste materials of your skin are excreted out and you get a shiny bright skin after that.

4- Wash your face and neck after every 2 hours.

5- Take two table spoons of yogurt and mix it with few drops of lemon and use it as a cleanser every night.

6- Raw coconut water is wonderful for getting glowing and fair skin. Take two tablespoons full of raw coconut water, apply it with a soft cotton ball on your face and neck. Leave it for 20 minutes. Then wash with fresh water with giving massage gently.

For more tips – visit HERE


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